Regal Cinemas Native App

Regal Cinemas Crown Club


Regal Cinemas, the largest theatre chain in the US, approached us at WillowTree looking to improve the Regal Crown Club rewards program for the app. Our two year partnership with Regal has resulted in a complete redesign of their mobile app, which has yielded a 290% increase in their mobile app and 20.8% year to year increase in loyalty program purchases.

My Role

This was my very first project at WillowTree. I worked alongside PMs and engineers over a four week sprint period to ideate, prototype and test my proposed solutions to better communicate to users about the credit expiration policy.

The Challenge

The Regal Crown Club rewards had an expiration date that followed one year after a user earned them - yet there was no feature that communicated so. 
In this challenge, Regal’s KPI’s included lowering customer support calls regarding disappearing credits, as well as seeing an increase in credit spending and engagement with RCC.

The Process

I spent the first two weeks exploring and designing a variety of possible solutions based on the existing architecture of the app, working together with engineers to decide what was most feasible and working with the PM and our research team to determine testing methods.

WillowTree has a UX Research lab, so we we’re able to test a few possible solutions with five separate candidates that we brought in. We also used usability hub to aggregate quantitative data that provides us with a more binary insight. Due to the private nature of our contract work, we had to reskin the test screens with a fake rewards program that mimicked the structure of the RCC feature. Below are a few of the screens we tested on Usability Hub.

Design Solutions

User Onboarding

One of the primary focuses was designing a solution scalable for both existing and new members. Existing RCC members encounter a shimmering tile upon their first visit to the RCC tab since the policy update and implementation. Members are taken through a two step modal that provides transparency of the credit expiration policy. Finally, a credit expiration schedule provides users with a comprehensive list of when their credits expire, with an additional call to action in the footer for users to quickly redeem their credits for concessions, tickets, etc.

Credit Expiration Schedule

iOS View

Android View

Transaction Details

Users are also provided with credit expiration dates on each transaction detail, further providing policy transparency to each member.

Users can interact with the tile to see specific policy details.