It was quite a journey working with Bask founder Ryan Metzger to envision, design and build a peer-to-peer video learning platform that integrates with existing third party education management platforms including Canvas, Blackboard, and Doodle. I'm excited that Bask has been acquired by Brainly.

My Role

I designed the web platforms for both professors as well as students, as well as designing the Bask landing page and brand guideline.

The Challenge

Modernizing the online learning experience and bridging the inefficiencies between students' questions and professors' time/method of answering.

The Process

As the only designer/design consultant, and with a blank slate, it was great being able to help reimagine what the workflow between students and professors might look like.

Our value proposition was creating a new, more efficient paradigm of answering questions that no other learning management systems were doing: short video responses by the professors

Why was video the solution?

- Email is slow and inefficient.

- Email cannot be scaled (some questions require a more elaborate answer).

- Not everyone has access to the answer provided by the professor through email.

The Solution

Student Home

The core functionality on the student side platform is for students of a specific class to be able to view and interact with questions that have been asked by other students and answered by the professor, sorted by most recent. The navigation bar, while simple, provides students with easy access to searching for a specific question, which sorts and filters automatically with each letter queried (displayed below). To minimize the negative effect of latency on the user, Bask provides a skeleton loading state between letter entries (displayed below).

If no questions are found relating to the user's query, the user is presented with an empty state and a CTA that encourages them to submit the question they queried. If clicked, the page below then follows:

Professor Home

The professor default view parallels the student view - the default state provides professors with a feed of unanswered questions that they can answer. The navigation bar is rather vertically large for a few reasons: a) accessibility, as many professors are older and might struggle to make out small text sizes and b) to provide an extra tab for easy access to analytics, which provides professors with data to understand the topics or trends that students might be struggling with in more depth.

Professors have 60 seconds to record their answers. They can record and splice videos within the modal window.

The analytics dashbaord provides professors with the total accumulated amount of time students have watched their responses/answers, as well as a list of questions that are most popular.

The Outcome

Within 8 months of launching to universities across the Northeast, Bask was acquired by Brainly.

Coded with ❤
ⓒ Jeff Wang 2018